Electrolux super cyclone/ cyclone XL starter filter kit VCSK4

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The Electrolux Super Cyclone / Cyclone XL Starter Kit Filter Pack includes:

1 x motor filter

1 x washable H12 HEPA filter

1 x washable foam filter

1 x lemon deodorizer pack

Motor Filter helps to stop the dust going into the motor
Washable H12 HEPA Filter traps 99.9% of the dust and cleaner air comes out from the exhaust
Washable Foam filter keeps the dust and dirt inside the container and can be washed when it is dirty (Please make sure to dry the filter for 10-12 hours before replacing on the vacuum after washing)
S-Fresh Lemon Deodorizer is scented granules designed to make your vacuum smells fresh when vacuuming. Simply open the sachet and sprinkle the granules on the floor and vacuum or put them into the dust container. (4 x sachets in the pack)

  • Electrolux - Super Cyclone : ZSC6910 - ZSC6940, ZSC6930, Super Cyclone : ZSC69FD2
  • Electrolux - Cyclone XL : ZCX6200 - ZCX6499
  • AEG - CycloneXL : ACX6200 - 6499,
  • AEG - Super Cyclone : ASC6910, 6920, 6925, 6926, 6935, 6940, 6945, 6950, ASC69FD2
  • Tornado - Super Cyclone TO 6920, 6930
  • Volta - CycloneXL : U6600 - 6699, Super Cyclone : U6910, 6920, U69FD2

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