SilentMaster S2 ducted vacuum cleaner

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Discerning buyers and conscientious homeowners will appreciate the superior craftsmanship as well as the numerous benefits of a SilentMaster Central Vacuum. SilentMaster, with its tried-and-true characteristics

and its patented quiet operation, is the culmination of over fifty years devoted to designing and manufacturing central vacuum cleaning systems. What else would you expect from a USA-based, family-owned company whose founder only wanted one thing: to make people's lives better? Proudly designed and assembled in the USA with all North American parts, SilentMaster is ready to be the core of your central vacuum system.

1. Central vacuum tubing from the wall inlets terminate at air and debris intake(s).

2. 12-gallon tapered dirt receptacle only needs to be emptied around twice a year.

3. MD Manufacturing's primary filtering consists of a 3-ply HyperFlow disposable bag and then two secondary filters . HyperFlow has over 1500 square inches of surface area for maximum airflow and effective filtration at .3 microns. The filter bag is supported by a porous heavy-duty cloth secondary filter (blue). Notice the taper of the bags, which allows maximum surface area for maximized airflow.

4. The air in this open area around the bag and near the motors is tremendously cleaner than cyclonic models, thus protecting the fan blades from build up which causes early failure.

5. The last stage of the secondary filtering is made of breathable foam/plastic mesh.

6. High performance motors in the motor compartment are kept clean by the filtration system above it.

7. While cyclonic models normally need to be vented outside, this filtration system keeps the exhaust much cleaner without any need for venting outside.

To summarize, every central vacuum system needs a filtration system to protect the motor. And any filter you install (screen, cloth, foam, paper, etc.) will impede airflow in some manner. What makes one system better than another is its ability to minimize debris around the motor while maximizing airflow for vacuum power. At MD Central Vacuum, we believe we have designed a superior system that is the most powerful, efficient and with maximum longevity. We hope you'll give us a chance to demonstrate that to you.

The filtration system used by MD Manufacturing is a paper bag supported by a tapered cloth bag. The tapering adds surface area for greater particle distribution and less vacuum loss. Tests with twenty pounds of flour did not significantly impede the flow of air. In fact, many of our dealers have reported servicing units where the tank was filled to the lid and still had good suction! Undoubtedly, there was airflow loss but because no debris was getting to the motor, no damage was done to the unit!

We at MD will be the first to admit that our bag filtering system will affect performance as the paper bag fills up but we qualify that statement with the fact that properly maintained bag filtration systems are the best for the performance and life of your system. Semi-annual replacement of a paper bag makes a lot more sense than the loss of performance and motor replacement costs on cyclonic systems.

3.25 HP Dual Motor System

2 x 2 stage fan motors

2300 total watts

722 Air Watts

Soft Start 9.8 amp

6 year warranty

Convenient machine inlet

Quick change bag filter liner

5 stage Filtration

45 Litres Dirt capacity

Whisper quiet 62 Decibels

Powder coated steel canister

Height: 810 mm

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